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Jun 26 '12

How much money does Mumford & Sons make from me on Spotify?

The people behind Information is Beautiful, who create visualizations of data, made this table to illustrate how much money musicians make from various media.

Here’s the data for Spotify, a service that provides free, unlimited, on demand streaming of songs, albums and playlists in exchange for advertising interruptions.

Spotify pays Mumford & Sons $0.00029 every time I listen to any of their songs. (Their record makes $0.0016.)

According to Last.fm, a service which (for my purposes) logs my listening history, I’ve listened to Mumford & Sons 901 times as of today.

901 times, over 1 year and 7 months.

So how much money has Mumford & Sons made from my use of Spotify?

$0.26. 26 cents.

(I did buy their album, so my patronage totals out at something like $8.26.)

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